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Review: Dub Police @ House Of Blues 3/3/12

I’ve been to a lot of dubstep shows and house shows and within this past year.  Drop the beatz has seen the likes of Rusko, Skrillex, Kill the Noise, Knife Party, Scream, Excision, Nero, Pendullum, 12th Planet, as well as local festivals from Hard Events to Insomniac events. With that being said I can Honesty say no one parties like Dub Police at the historic House of Blues which has hosted many events from all genres. The filthy, grimmy, hardcore beats of dubstep and drum and bass doesn’t get any dirtier having an all star lineup of Matt G, D1, Subscape, Trolley Snatcha, and label head Caspa. Click through for the full review.

 We start the night off with Matty G, even though we only caught the last 15 mins of his set you can tell he was going hard for the hour he had throwing in Emelkay and some Trolley Snatcha. After that I see this big DJ and I mean muscle big hit the stage. At first I thought it was security getting the DJs off the stage but little did we know we had the pleasure of D1 hitting the stage with his laid back drum and bass dubstep. Though a lot of people just consider him straight dubstep this was the first time I’ve seen him and his dubstep is very chill, mellow but grimey at the same time. He threw on one of his major remixes, which is personal favorite of mine by Conquest called “Forever”, as well as his own personal tracks “Chocolate Orange” and “Bleeps to Broadway”. D1 is totally someone to catch with his unique sound that he brings his live sets and his big persona that he has being on that stage. Finally 12AM hits and you see Trolley Snatch and Subscape coming to the stage at the same time. You could only hope that they where gonna do a back to back duo set for the hour Trolley Snatcha had and to the likes of it thats what happened. You know it was gonna get grimey nasty with those two on the sets with songs from Trolley Snatcha like “Pass me By”, “Nasty Shit”, and “Make my Whole World” while Subscape throws in his own hits like “Screw Up”, “Think About You”, and “When I Look at You”.

Last up was Caspa and he knows how to control the crowd from making sure everyone moshes to making sure the women are ok and letting the crowd know that there in the crowd. I guess that’s why he’s got his phrase, “And the bitches all love me cause I’m fuckin Caspa”. With that being said we heard every grimey Dub Police track from a new a Emelkay single that got the crowd going nuts as well as his popular remix to “Hangover” which is from Buraka Som Sistema. Finally to close the night we heard a new single from an upcoming album which has a very nice rock and roll feel with heavy dubstep drums. This was appropriate to close with since we were on the Sunset strip at the historic venue, The House of Blues. Seeing the Dub Police at full force with this tour definitely shows that they are a record label not to mess around with and are gonna be coming out with nothing but hits in 2012. The year is still very young and I’m sure with dubstep getting as big as it is, this year we will definitely see a lot of Dub Police out here in LA.

Matt Flaherty
Founder of Drop The Beatz

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