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Review: Doctor P, Funtcase, & Cookie Monsta @ Observatory OC 1/25/13

This weekend we decided to stay away from all the huge lights and glamour of Hollywood and drove all the way to Santa Ana to a room filled with dubstep, drum and bass, and trap music. Doctor P and friends, which also consisted of label mates Cookie Monsta and Funtcase, were on our stop and we were in for such a treat. The night consisted of some heavy, filthy, grimey, bass that blew right through the speakers of the Orange County Observatory, which made our minds go bananas. Seriously, if you haven’t seen these guys do a b2b set or a Circus Takeover, where all the members from Circus Records are there, you are really missing out.


This night consisted of all three DJs having anywhere from a 45-50 minute set starting with Funtcase. The way I would like to explain Funtcase’s style of music is like someone telling a horror story with heavy bass drops and creepy lyrics that really make the hair on anyones body stand up. During his set, one of the songs that I personally took notice of was “Squid Attack” and of course I was expecting to hear his remix, but as soon as the drop hit he spun the CDJs and announced that Genetic had worked on a exclusive VIP for the track. Other notable tracks he played were his latest single, “Let’s Do It” as well as a remix to his famous “50 Caliber” by Sub Zero.


Next up came the man who always wears hats during his set and represents the Circus crew with his love for cookies. Of course I’m talking about Cookie Monsta who brought us an explosive set and was ready to get the mosh pit going with his insane drops and heavy bass tracks. One of the songs that I totally went nuts for was his remix of the legendary Jakes featuring SGT Pokes to “Somebody Say,” which surprisingly didn’t break the speaker at the Observatory. Several other tracks I enjoyed  hearing were “Levels” and “Yo Mama,” which he closed with while throwing cookies out into the crowd. You would think after two heavy headliners like Funtcase and Cookie Monsta that there wouldn’t be anymore, but of course we had the incredible Doctor P to close out the heavy bass filled night.


Doctor P had a wide variety of music during his set playing his heavy classics, “Bulletproof” and “Tetris” as well as playing Flux Pavilion’s remix to DJ Fresh’s “Gold Dust’ and “Bass Cannon.” After three explosive sets, Dr. P decided to give the crowd a bang for their buck and bring out Cookie Monsta and Funtcase for a back to back to back set with all three members. This time around the group of three each took a turn going on the CDJs and played tracks like “Atom Bomb” by Cookie Monsta and Funtcase, “Jah No Partial” by Major Lazer and  Flux Pavilion, and a very  heavy remix to Funtcase’s “50 Caliber” by Crissy Criss. The b2b2b set turned the night into a mini Circus Takeover for the last 15 minutes making the night that much more epic. On that final note, what I would love for you to get out of this review is to make sure you see anyone of the guys from Circus Records perform live. These guys are the real deal and put on some of the best explosive live shows.

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Written and photos by Kevin Archila

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