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Video: Plur Warriors NorCal Picnic Recap 03/08/2014

On March 8, 2014 PLUR Warriors hosted their first events on the West Coast. PLUR Warriors held two kandi picnics as an opportunity to unite like-minded individuals within our communities and discuss how we can make a difference in the world. This video captures a montage of moments from the PLUR Warriors kandi picnic at Delores Park in San Francisco. The beauty and love that was shared that day was echoed by a coinciding kandi picnic in Los Angeles by our SoCal PLUR Warriors. The result was a beautiful experience, full of love and light.

Thank you to PLUR Warriors & Lady Casa for arranging this event. A special thanks to Mandisa Snodey for hosting the NorCal event, and Kaitlyn Bracken and Bridgitte Odell for hosting the SoCal event. For those of you who attended, brought donations, family, friends and good vibes, an endless thank you to you as well! It was an honor for us to help and participate, and we look forward to future PLUR Warrior events.

Photos & Video by: @edcandbeyond, @carboncrown

Edited by: @edcandbeyond

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