Review: Bingo Players @ Playhouse 4/30/12

On April 30th 2012 Insomniac Events presented Bingo Players for Playhouse’s Monday Night Social. This was an event I was really looking forward to as Bingo Players never put on a disappointing set. The sold out night was filled with people ready to party and dance the night away. Andy Darrigo had the crowd warmed up for Bingo Players two hour set starting at Midnight. As soon as Paul Baumer and Maarten Hoogstraten of Bingo players started the crowd went crazy. Glow sticks were passed out and all you could see were colors waiving in the air. Bingo Players used Lil Jon’s vocals to pump everyone up right as they dropped their original track “Mode” and insanity ensued.  Further into their set they dropped another one of their originals, “Cry (Just A Little)” which had everyone singing a long as this is one of their most popular tracks. You know it’s a wild night when Playhouse busts out the confetti machine and as if for a few moments the entire club looked like it was raining down confetti. Playhouse was completely packed and never for one moment during Bingo Players’ set was anyone standing still or sitting down. As “Rattle” was dropped you could see everyone’s glow sticks going up and down in unison along with smiles across everyone’s faces. Bingo Players kept dropping hit after hit and their set never had a dull moment.  As they dropped Hardwell’s bootleg of “No Beef” and “Leave The World Behind,” Playhouse had a guy stand on the bar in front of the crowd with 2 fog guns shooting into the crowd. The club filled up with cold fog and you could hear everyone yelling with happiness. Another huge remix they dropped was probably this years’ most known track “Somebody I Used To Know” by Goyte. Bingo Players tore it up that night and it was probably one of the more wild nights I’ve had at Playhouse in a good while. Playhouse is the place to be every Monday night because Monday Night Social never ceases to amaze. Head over to MNS’ Facebook to check out pictures from the night and for more on Bingo Players head over to the following links.

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Matt Flaherty
Founder of Drop The Beatz

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