The Chainsmokers — Kanye (ETC!ETC! X TIGHTTRAXX Remix)

ETC!ETC! and TIGHTTRAXX’s new remix of “Kanye” by The Chainsmokers is just downright awesome. I’ll let you read what ETC!ETC! had to say himself.

“So when I first heard the original “Kanye” by The Chainsmokers I fell in love w/ it. It’s so catchy – melody and hook. I would hear it everywhere, at shows, on the radio while driving somewhere – even at fucken’ Starbucks while getting my morning cup of joe. I had an idea of remixing this and giving it a feel that would only would make it dreamier. Taking elements from the original and flipping it into my own style. I asked the guys for the stems – but I was on the road a lot during the time and was taking too long too finish.  I had been using my good friend Alex (TIGHTTRAXX) studio for mix downs because my studio was down while I was moving into m new crib… I already had worked on a few tracks with him and they all vary from different genres (and I know I’ve said this before but if u haven’t checked out TIGHTTRAXX u should. He’s a beast) .. So I asked him to jump on this w/ me and he did… His elements mixed w/ mine worked 100 percent. How we envisioned it came out of the speakers perfect. We are totally happy how the tune turned out and hope everyone else is also. Shout out to the chainsmokers for letting us do this and Dim Mak for putting it up. Seriously means a lot. <3″

Kanye (ETC!ETC! X TIGHTTRAXX Remix) – Free Download

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Matt Flaherty
Founder of Drop The Beatz

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