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Review: ATB @ Playhouse 9/24/12

This past weekend Insomniac held their Nocturnal Wonderland festival in San Bernardino on Friday the 21st & Saturday the 22nd. The festival featured top name DJs spinning sets throughout 5 different stages. The festival was amazing and what better way to end it than a Recovery Party at Playhouse Hollywood featuring ATB. Click through the break for the full review.

Josh Gallahan opened up the night with a high energy set including a mix of “Sweet Disposition” that had the crowd dancing early into the night. He was tipped as “hottest producer 2011” by ATB in the DJ Magazine so it is no wonder that he was there to start the night off. Around midnight the club really started to fill up as bottle services tables were taken and the open dance floor filled up. We noticed ATB walk through the club and as he entered the stage the crowd went crazy.

Images of ATB’s logo as well as his face were shown on the giant LED screen as well as the two flat screens in front of the stage. Everyone knew that the club was about to go off in a matter of moments. As André Tanneberger started his set you could fill the energy skyrocket as everyone started dancing and fisting pumping into the air.

Glow sticks were thrown out into the crowd from all over the club. Bottle service tables as well as up front were holding glow sticks and the entire club filled up with lights. When ATB dropped his track “Ecstasy” giant neon balloons were thrown into the crowd and were being hit around like giant beach balls at a baseball game. It was complete mayhem and everyone loved it! ATB got a little more involved as he dropped his track “Move On” and even grabbed the mic and decided to sing along to the entire song. The entire night was insane and ATB really knew how to keep the crowd going even after a long weekend at Nocturnal Wonderland. If you were there for the event and want to check out pictures head over to Playhouse’s Facebook.

Matt Flaherty
Founder of Drop The Beatz

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