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All-Female Electronic Music Festival Planned For 2014

“Gary Richards, who began HARD in 2007, admitted to Wildspice Magazine only 8% of the roughly 300 artists who had performed at his events were women, but said: “I try my hardest to mix it up. I would love to have 60 female DJs that are all awesome. To me, I always think everything’s better with girls… there’s tons of cool female artists, I wish there were more.”

HARD runs events such as Holy Ship! and a multitude of concerts in cities across the USA featuring acts such as Diplo, Skrillex, TNGHT, 2 Chainz and Azealia Banks. Now Richards believes the next step is an event consisting solely of female performers, revealing: “I have a concept for a show that’s all girl performers…It’s not a 70,000 person event. But I do see more females coming up and…I’m definitely going to do it in 2014.”

However, despite Richards saying some female DJs are “killing it – doing way better than the boys”, he believes there will be some obstacles in developing the event, saying: “The key to it is I’ve got to be able to get them (the performers) all in the same place at one time. The thing is I can’t pay them as much.”

Hopefully the idea become a reality, considering the world of electronic music is a truly male dominated one. But with more and more talented female DJs and artists already existing and more constantly emerging, there’s no excuse for things to change.”


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