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Published on February 12th, 2014 | by Matt


The Return of Mr. Skeleton

Guest post written by Andi Petty

Boasting a user-base of more than 10 million, SoundCloud was created as an outlet for recording, promoting, and sharing music. With its simple interface and the ability to enable any track to be downloaded, it has the capacity to put artists and their music directly into the hands of their fans. Followers have the ability to like, share and comment on the music of their favorite artists. The more followers you have, the more people there are listening to your music and the more people they can then share it with.

So what would you do if your SoundCloud following suddenly disappeared? What would you do if all of your music, comments, ‘likes’ and hard work were suddenly erased from existence, not a trace to be found anywhere on the world wide web?

Mr. Skeleton is known for producing the darker side of EDM and had quite the collection of diehard SoundCloud fans. His sound is unique, and even without mainstream commercial exposure, he was able to amass a SoundCloud following of more than 15,000. Every track he had ever created during his nearly 10-year career used to be available on that piece of internet real estate – until one day he went to login and it was gone.

Malicious intent and immaturity are only two of the many potential explanations for why this happened. An artist’s musical and social platforms are two of their greatest assets but also the most vulnerable. Deleting Mr. Skeleton’s SoundCloud was taking a stab at not only him as a person but harmed his fans as well; 15,000 people were left wondering if the music of their favorite visionary producer was lost forever.

Every attempt to recover the original URL and tracks came up empty. The SoundCloud system couldn’t recreate what had been there before and there was no choice but to proceed with creating a new account.  Knocked down but not defeated, Mr. Skeleton relaunched his new SoundCloud (, – ironically, a better one than his original) and put out a free track to all of his devoted fans.


In just shy of 2 weeks, the return of Mr. Skeleton’s SoundCloud has collected over 400 followers. Fans and music fanatics alike are doing all they can to help the Producer/DJ get back his original following and then some. A brand new album set to release this Spring and the announcement of his upcoming appearance at ‘Sound of Q-Dance’ in March 2014 has also helped further promote and push Mr. Skeleton’s efforts.

Click here for the free download ‘Closer’
Follow him on SoundCloud:


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