Caspa Presents Third Album ‘500’ & US Fall Tour [Interview]

Caspa, founder of dubstep record label Dub Police, is gearing up to release his long-await third album 500. The project is first being delivered over three episodes before the the final album, which include everything plus unreleased material and mixes. Along with the album, Capsa will be embarking on a massive North American Tour made up of 27 dates. Beginning November 10th in Santa Cruz, Caspa will be making stops in Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, and more before his final stop in Columbus on December 20th. Caspa is looking to bring the true sound and environment of London’s dubstep scene.

We had a chance to ask Caspa a few questions regarding his new album and tour. Check out our exclusive interview below and make sure to download your copy of Caspa’s “Your Time Is Now” for free!

DTB: Where did you get the inspiration for 500 and why did you decide to split it into episodes?

Caspa: The inspiration for 500 came from wanting to capture the vibe of a London show back when this music started, so small venues, big sound system and great vibes. So this album became the soundtrack to that vision. The idea to release it in episodes, to me, meant that people would have time to really get into the music and the whole message/vibe behind it – especially with the tour being under the same name and encompassing the same visions. I think that’s what we don’t have a lot of today – time. Especially in the music industry, everything is here one day, gone the next. By doing it this way everything can build and develop. 

Caspa: 500 Episode One is out Monday 27th of October – purchase here:

DTB: Which track on the album is your favorite and why?

Caspa: My favorite track on the album is a tune called War Drum with Mc $pyda. I had a lot of fun making this tune and it was good to take all my musical influences and throw them all down at once. There’s nothing that sounds like it right now, I think that’s hard to come by and also very important to what’s going on. But to be honest I feel that way about at least 50% of the album.

DTB: In your press release you’re quoted saying “It wasn’t about making music to fill stadiums; it was about making music to fill basements. It’s dark, cinematic, emotional, and raw.” What put you in that state of mind to produce this type of album?

Caspa: One of the main reasons was that I was just bored of hearing crap monotonous Dubstep, the second is I’m sick of that way the press are trying to tarnish what we’ve built. For me it was very important to do this album and this tour, it’s what’s needed right now.

DTB: One of our favorite tracks is “80’s Kid” because of its rawness. Not to mention we are 80’s babies ourself. Is there a meaning behind the title?

Caspa: Yeah, I wanted to make a tune that you would hear in an 80’s film like Flight of the Navigator, but with 2014 production and that Caspa funk. After Techno Terry on my last album, I thought it was right time to get on the mic again and treat myself to a little self-sample.

DTB: Which stop on tour are you most excited to be performing at and why?

Caspa: Denver and LA are definitely on my personal list just because of the history I have there, other than that, I’m looking forward to every show, especially all the cities I’ve never played. 

DTB: How closely does your tour resemble the authenticity of the true sound and environment from London?

Caspa: That’s my major inspiration for the tour. This is why I’m doing max 500 capacity venues – coz that’s where the sound started. It’s also why I’m bringing my own sound system, because it’s all about the sound and it has to be heard in the right way – just as it was back then. There’s no gimmicks or glitz with this tour, it’s all about the sound, the vibe and the fans.

DTB: With the tour wrapping up in December, can you tell us any future plans you might have? Los Angeles is dying for another Dub Police takeover.

Caspa: Next year I’m looking to come back with the Dub Police crew. I’m also possibly planning to come back and do more 500 shows in cities I didn’t get to cover on this leg of the tour. Australia and New Zealand are maybe on the cards for next year, and a UK tour is top of the list!

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