Review: Morgan Page Takeover @ Avalon Hollywood 2/28/13 [+ Interview]

Last weekend was a huge special event as Morgan Page took over Avalon in his hometown of Los Angeles. Morgan Page took over Control Fridays and Avaland Saturdays for two nights of blasting progressive, electro house, and big room beats. We were fortunate enough to attend Friday nights show and speak with Morgan for a quick interview, which you can find at the end of this review. Unfortunately it was a rainstorm weekend for us in Hollywood, but that did not stop anyone from attending this awesome takeover.


As we entered the nightclub, Lazy Rich was on the decks dropping some sick beats to get the crowd pumped up for Morgan Page’s set coming shortly after. The club was already filling up quick and I got myself set up in the middle of the floor to check out Avalon’s amazing new production. Avalon is in the middle of some remodel work and what they’ve got so far is looking great. LED screens mounted behind the DJ booth as well as in front of it and on both the left and right side of the walls made for some really cool visuals. To top it off the new laser set up was out of this world. I could tell they really put in some work to make Morgan Page’s takeover really special.

We were lucky enough to speak with Morgan Page right before he headed to the stage and he let us know that he was excited and ready to get Avalon raging for the rest of the night. Morgan Page’s set was absolutely awesome and he dropped all his original tracks as well as a bunch of fan favorites. As he dropped Calvin Harris’ remix to Fat Boy Slim’s “Eat Sleep Rave Repeat,” CO2 shot down from both sides of the club and engulfed the entire crowd. When you’re dancing under a cloud of CO2 to your favorite music, it is one of the craziest feelings in the world. A few favorites were when Morgan dropped his huge original hits “Fight For You” and “In The Air.” During his set, Morgan Page surprised everyone with a special guest performance as Michael S came out to sing live vocals for their recent single, “Against The World.” Along with those Morgan dropped several festival anthems such as Dimitri Vegas, Moguai & Like Mike’s “Mammoth” as well as W&W’s “Thunder.” Avalon’s dance floor was packed full of people dancing throughout his entire set. We could totally tell everyone along with Morgan Page was having a great night. I’ve got to say his Avalon Takeover was an absolutely success and he ended his set perfectly by playing his remix to The Outfield’s “Your Love.” Continue reading below to check out our interview.


Morgan Page Interview

DTB: We attended your MPP3D tour at Club Nokia back in September 2013 and it totally blew us away. Do you have any plans on how you would like to top that tour?

MP: There is a lot that I want to do, but the hardest part is that it is a very expensive, elaborate production and we’re trying to think of a way that it won’t cost millions of dollars. I have all the ideas to the next phase already done and written down, I just need to figure out a way to execute the idea.

DTB: What made you choose to do an Avalon Takeover?

MP: We wanted to do something different and I haven’t played in LA in a while. Not everyone knew about the Nokia show too so I think people kind of get into their groove of where they want to go out. Some people like going out in downtown and some people prefer Hollywood. It’s cool to come back and play some clubs because the tour was mainly hard ticket venues and things like that so it’s good to get back into the club roots for a bit.

DTB: We know you have a Tesla, your studio is solar powered, and your house is as well?

MP: Initially I called up and asked about the car and the first person that picked up the phone turned out to be a fan, which was crazy. Then, I started talking with an engineer who designed the original prototype and he was a fan, so I’ve kind of been working with them, giving them feedback on the car and my thoughts. We’ve been working together on cool little promotions picking up fans in certain cities to random shows….but it all ties together. I’m not a huge environmentalist or anything, but the fact that in LA you’ve got constant sun and it’s just hitting, it would be crazy not to have panels. They basically cut the power bill in half. The car uses a lot of power, but I haven’t been to a gas station in a year. It’s crazy.

DTB: How do you define your style of music and who would you like to collaborate with?

MP: Man, I’m always changing the style. There’s a lot of different sounds underneath my moniker, my name. My name is my real name, but there is a million things that I want to release that don’t necessarily work well in the club. Who knows, maybe that will be something I’ll explore on the next record. The main idea is strong songs. Vocal heavy, strong songs that can be dressed up and dragged into different genres. I just want something that will last. I think there are too many good songs right now that only stick around a week or two, which is kind of tragic. I’m trying to make music that stands out and so my style though would be big room, melodic, vocal heavy house. This album I’m working on, I want to be bigger and bolder and more club friendly.

DTB: Do you plan to release that album this year?

MP: I think it will be late 2014. Its been like two years in the making, it’s a lot of work. Lot of drafts, like three or four  drafts a day and just getting beats and vocals done.

DTB: Out of all your songs, which is your favorite and why?

MP: “The Longest Road ” to me brings back all the memories. That was the first song that really blew up and the Deadmau5 remix. You couldn’t really go to a club without hearing that. It will always have that memory even though it doesn’t really fit in my sets now. It’s just a crazy song and I’m working on new stuff with Lissie now. It was just the right sound at the right time and it was before Deadmau5 had his helmet. It was an exciting time in dance music , 2008 I think. It was like the golden year when it just started to get big.

DTB: Do you have anything special planned for tonight?

MP: Tonight I’m going to have some new remixes, some new edits, and then there’s a singer. Michael S. is going to sing the new single, it’s kind of an unannounced  secret for tonight. 

DTB: Thats awesome, we can’t wait! Well thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us.

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Photo credit: Kevin Archila

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